Monday, June 04, 2007

free paris!!!

photo credit: Fred Prouser, Reuters

im sad to say paris is in jail now,she's at the womens prison in la,most people i have talked to about this ether dont care about what happends to her or they think she deserves it,so i have found myself defending her thru out my weekend,and tmz's. harvey levin even said "she got the shaft,the judge did that on purpose cause she's a star,she dosent deserve it" but as i have just found out she will be in her own cell,so thats alot better then what i thought was gunna happen to her,to read more go here - Edit - she got out but now she's back in :o( and even Danny Bonaduce said "i dont like her at all but she is getting such a raw deal,there giving her a harder sentience then what i would have even gotten, i think they should just let her go", - Edit again -paris says she wants to finish the remainder her time in jail and thats all im gunna say about it,im happy for her nomatter what,to read more go here "free paris"