Friday, October 31, 2008

the dcfc!

i just found out that death cab canceled last nights concert at the los angeles fourm,heres the email they sent me,

10/30 Los Angeles Show Cancelled

In support of a union worker's strike at the venue, Neil Young has cancelled tonight's performance at The Forum in Los Angeles. Death Cab for Cutie and Everest were scheduled as support for this show.

In response to the cancellation, Death Cab for Cutie has said, "We understand and sympathize with Neil Young's choice to cancel his show tonight in Los Angeles. This tour has been an amazing experience for all of us so far and we stand with Neil's decision in solidarity."

Ticket refunds will be available at the point of purchase. For more information on the cancellation, Billboard has released this article on the strike and Neil's decision."

now i dont feel so bad that i wasnt able to go.........

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

did you know!

tom on the run - photo credit - mary ellen matthews

did you know tom hanks has a blog??? well heres what he wrote today,and heres where to check out his blog here "toms page" and check out his videos too,there way funny!

"My Summer Reading 2008

And, here's my reading list from the past summer. Sorry I have been remiss in keeping the MySpace page hip to my book-stack, but I was working (poor excuse) -- "the lazy librarian blames his work load"...

A WORLD LIT ONLY BY FIRE -- By Wm. Manchester. My second read of this window on life in the Dark Ages. Do you think you know the story of Galileo, Thomas More, and Megellan? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. Read this book and see how electricity and pencils haven't made all that much difference in human behavior.

HORSEMAN, PASS BY --By Larry McMurtry. "L McC" wrote this long ago, but that doesn't mean it won't make you howlin' sad. Calling another of his books 'vintage McMurtry' doesn't do justice to the work or the artist.

QUENTINS by Maeve Binchy. Want to go to Ireland and fall in love with an Irish girl? Can't afford the airfare? Read Binchy!

ENDURANCE: SHACKLETON'S INCREDIBLE VOYAGE - by Alfred Lansing. Okay, you may think the language will be an obstacle -- it's not. You may think the story is boring (trapped in the ice? Yawn.) -- it's not. You may have seen the TV movie -- so what. You. Will. Be. Fascinated. And. Will not. Believe. Human beings. Could. Survive this. But they did, every single man.

NORTH RIVER -- by Pete Hamill. The most lucky I have been in the last year was a rainy weekend in the mountains. There was only me, my dog, and NORTH RIVER. Travel in time to the 1930's and meet people who would shine in any decade. Immediately ordered all Hamill's works from my neighborhood bookstore.

MARJORIE MORNINGSTAR -- by Herman Wouk. Old-school pot-boiler of that Morgentstern girl growing up in NYC in 1936. Not finished yet so neither is this revi...."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Resurrection .......

heres a video of the upcoming "resurrection vintage" auction to take place this month at christie's auction house in new york, check it out!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

my birthday present to john...........

Photo from 'JOHN & YOKO: A New York Love Story'
Publisher: Insight Editions (October 9, 2007) - photo credit - allan tannenbaum

yesterday was john lennons birthday,so yoko ono picked today to show the world a project she has been working on called the peace tower,she also sent out this email the day before yesterday to everyone on her myspace and facebook,heres the email
"Please join me not only in remembering John on October 9th but also in spreading the message of peace. This is something that was so important to John - the fact that we could all work together for the positive good of our planet. He would have loved how we are all mobilizing ourselves in thought and in action. It's time for action and the action is peace!with love, Yoko Ono9 Oct 2008send your wishes to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER by" and also check yokos personal blog here "yoko's blog"
heres the video she made for today

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

rachels black book............

rachel & rodger at the 2008 webby awards - photo credit - the unknown photographer

rachel zoe just did a really awesome interview for black book mag,in it you read on such things as how it is possible to wear head to toe chanel,on what is code pink and how all the haters are not gunna get to her....... i think rachel,rodger & team zoe are brilliant,rachel & rodger are also the coolest couple on tv right now,so go check out the interview here "rachels black book" did anyone lese love last nights episode of the "rachel zoe project"