Tuesday, June 24, 2008

jesses story update .......

diddy & mark at the final shooting day of "i want to work for diddy" - photo credit - the unknown photo photographer

"mark jacobs" the emmy award-winning american film and television director, writer, producer and cinematographer and awesome surfer has just finished "Jesse's Story",to see the trailer go here "life rolls on",the surfer "jessie billauer" sufferd a bad injury and is no longer able to walk or surf,so this movie documents how he still surfs and lives life,its gunna be a epic movie for sure,making this movie has been marks passion,mark,jesse and the whole filming crew have really put there heart and soul into making this movie. mark has also sent out a message for everyone via the jesses story myspace

"With just credits and a few minor additions and changes the film is completed! Finally after 7 long years the film is finished. Of course it will "never" be finished in my mind. Most directors are that way about their work. The final stages are to convert it to HD 1080 then Laser Pacific in Hollywood will be color timing it for output to play in theaters. After that, the hope is that it goes straight to the festivals!!! My agent at UTA will be receiving their copy today for the theatrical department to begin the arduous task of paperwork/legal in order to put it out to the masses. Stay tuned, clips will be going up on this site.Jesse and his family watched it on Saturday and loved it! Thanks to all those patient enough to still be waiting.The wait is almost over!!!Best as always,Mark"

mark has also just finished filming the new tv series "i want to work for diddy",the series premieres August 4th at 9pm on VH1 ......................

the polaroid king.........

jeremy & lydia hearst hanging out back stage at the vienna ball - photo credit - the unknown photographer

"jeremy kost" got interviewd for the ny-mag online,jeremys taken polaroids of of everyone who is anyone world wide,go here for the interview "the polaroid king"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

kellys revolution.............

kellys real life license,seriously - photo credit - kelly curtrone

the very awesome kelly cutrone did a interview for the observer a few days ago,she talks about love,life,her epic pr company "peoples revolution",kellys done other interviews before but this one is the best everrrrrrr,its so raw and real,i love it!!!!!so check it out!!!!! "kellys revolution"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

did you know?

did you know corey haim dated victoria beckham? cause i didnt know,check out the video......
"corey loves vicky"

lilys much a ado about blogging

heres the very cute lily allen eating the best burger in southren california - photo credit - lilys family

singer song writer lily allen is hanging out in la for few weeks doing some song writing and recording,she's keeping a blog of the whole trip here ,so check it out here "lilys blog" ,and dont you just love here pink hair,its so cute!,so is anyone else reading this going to go to "in-n-out" tonight for dinner? cause i know i am!