Wednesday, December 31, 2008

well i haven't blogged in awhile but its because ive been major busy with some things good and some things bad,so i thought i would give one last post of things i liked in 2008 ,heres some photos i liked or interviews i liked,its kinda of a messy post but here it finally is

me & my grandmother photo credit - my moms

my grandmother passed away this november, i love here and miss her everyday, i remember talking to her about my blogging and the computer,she thought it was crazy stuff,she was from the old school so she didnt like cell phones, ipods or most electric things in general , i really wish you all could have met her..........

kate,karl & max at the cfda awards- photo credit - billy farrell

i like how my homie billy took this shot,its spot on,to see the rest of his work go here "billy does cfda"

the cover to lorelei shellist new book -
lorelei has live a very awesome life,like did you know she dated don henley from the eagles ?,well heres a interview she did not to long ago,check it out here "the interview"

mike nouveau,mr mickey & jennifer sample - photo credit - the unknown photographer

mr mickey has finally joined facebook,its that awesome! and be sure to check out his blog here"mr mickeys blog" its brilliant!

the cover to madisons new book -

madison has a book out and a hit tv show,to get his book go here "the book", madison is also having fun filming this coming season of bravos "million dollar listing",i know chad got another new car,can you guess what kind he got?,and josh is flying all over the place too......

model & chris having a bit of fun - photo credit - chris heads

photographer chris heads did a interview online for some of his work he has showing ,check it out here "chris says",you can also find him here "no found project", i love his work, i love his models too,there always hot & cute,he also blogs here "chris blogs"

Joseph Sitzer & stefanie sitzer having a night on the town - photo credit - brittany sitzer

stefanie was third runner up on the show "i wanna work for diddy",she now is back home in newport workin,mic works for diddy & boris is still promoting , i like how the whole show played out.......

the cover to george waynes new book

did you get your copy yet of georges new book,well its sold out but try to order it here "vanitys"

"brian lichtenberg" & "hedi slimane" hanging out in los angeles

"kelly will" & "gregory littley" showing the target dog some love

kelly & greg were blogging about gossip girl every week here"the cw blog",it was a perfect fix after watching the show!

olivia palermo working the red carpet at a valentino show - photo cedit - the unknown photographer

olivia is doing a awesome job on "the city", she has such style & heart,she brings realness to the table..... i find it funny how people seem to think the hills really shows what its like to live in los angeles ,cause it really dosent!!! but thank god the hills has "kelly cutrone" to add some flavor of what los angeles is really about!

anne sofie dutoit filming her new movie - photo credit - the unknown photographer
annes new movie is out,its called "faded memories" ,the times wrote about last year as she was filming it,to read the story go here "times online",anne is brilliant!,she is some one that you should definitely keep your eye out for cause you will be seeing and hearing more of her in the future...........

michelle obama & lauren santo domingo at fundraiser for barack obama

peter davis some where in asia - photo credit - peter davis

ive been looking forward to peters facebook status updates & his "blogs",he been obsessed with the Bernard Madoff case and its starting to rubb off on me!

rian decker surrounded by real life beauty queens,the one on the left right next to rian is the lovely despina delios

rian was on mtv's show "made",rian is doing great after the show ,he's in college now with some fame to boot,he's awesome!,heres a story about him from last year from a online "rians made" and heres the episode of him on mtv "episode of made"

chichy & kenneth on the phone with heidi klum

my homie "kenneth" has group on facebook you should come join,i happen to run it too!,its right here "kenneth cappello studio",

my fav gal lydia hearst doing a shoot for french playboy - photo credit - alexis dahan

to se the rest of the photos go here to her facebook fan page "lydias page"

lukas haas taking a break inbetween recordings - photo credit - lukas haas

lukas is working on some chill music,go here to give it a listen "the tunes"
he also was in the video "cath" for "death cab for cutie"

anouck lepère was in "refinery 49" back in october, i like how she rocks her outfit and the apple core she holds

socialite kerry cassidy taken her own self portrait

kerry just did a video showing how hot she really is!
the video can be found here "kerrys vid" and for the record i <3>

the last item i have is for a website that i i cant stop laughing about,its called chuck norris facts,check it out "chuck is a ninja" heres a few of my fav chuck norris facts

1.When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
2.Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.
3.When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris.
ha ha i love it!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

the dcfc!

i just found out that death cab canceled last nights concert at the los angeles fourm,heres the email they sent me,

10/30 Los Angeles Show Cancelled

In support of a union worker's strike at the venue, Neil Young has cancelled tonight's performance at The Forum in Los Angeles. Death Cab for Cutie and Everest were scheduled as support for this show.

In response to the cancellation, Death Cab for Cutie has said, "We understand and sympathize with Neil Young's choice to cancel his show tonight in Los Angeles. This tour has been an amazing experience for all of us so far and we stand with Neil's decision in solidarity."

Ticket refunds will be available at the point of purchase. For more information on the cancellation, Billboard has released this article on the strike and Neil's decision."

now i dont feel so bad that i wasnt able to go.........

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

did you know!

tom on the run - photo credit - mary ellen matthews

did you know tom hanks has a blog??? well heres what he wrote today,and heres where to check out his blog here "toms page" and check out his videos too,there way funny!

"My Summer Reading 2008

And, here's my reading list from the past summer. Sorry I have been remiss in keeping the MySpace page hip to my book-stack, but I was working (poor excuse) -- "the lazy librarian blames his work load"...

A WORLD LIT ONLY BY FIRE -- By Wm. Manchester. My second read of this window on life in the Dark Ages. Do you think you know the story of Galileo, Thomas More, and Megellan? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. Read this book and see how electricity and pencils haven't made all that much difference in human behavior.

HORSEMAN, PASS BY --By Larry McMurtry. "L McC" wrote this long ago, but that doesn't mean it won't make you howlin' sad. Calling another of his books 'vintage McMurtry' doesn't do justice to the work or the artist.

QUENTINS by Maeve Binchy. Want to go to Ireland and fall in love with an Irish girl? Can't afford the airfare? Read Binchy!

ENDURANCE: SHACKLETON'S INCREDIBLE VOYAGE - by Alfred Lansing. Okay, you may think the language will be an obstacle -- it's not. You may think the story is boring (trapped in the ice? Yawn.) -- it's not. You may have seen the TV movie -- so what. You. Will. Be. Fascinated. And. Will not. Believe. Human beings. Could. Survive this. But they did, every single man.

NORTH RIVER -- by Pete Hamill. The most lucky I have been in the last year was a rainy weekend in the mountains. There was only me, my dog, and NORTH RIVER. Travel in time to the 1930's and meet people who would shine in any decade. Immediately ordered all Hamill's works from my neighborhood bookstore.

MARJORIE MORNINGSTAR -- by Herman Wouk. Old-school pot-boiler of that Morgentstern girl growing up in NYC in 1936. Not finished yet so neither is this revi...."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Resurrection .......

heres a video of the upcoming "resurrection vintage" auction to take place this month at christie's auction house in new york, check it out!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

my birthday present to john...........

Photo from 'JOHN & YOKO: A New York Love Story'
Publisher: Insight Editions (October 9, 2007) - photo credit - allan tannenbaum

yesterday was john lennons birthday,so yoko ono picked today to show the world a project she has been working on called the peace tower,she also sent out this email the day before yesterday to everyone on her myspace and facebook,heres the email
"Please join me not only in remembering John on October 9th but also in spreading the message of peace. This is something that was so important to John - the fact that we could all work together for the positive good of our planet. He would have loved how we are all mobilizing ourselves in thought and in action. It's time for action and the action is peace!with love, Yoko Ono9 Oct 2008send your wishes to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER by" and also check yokos personal blog here "yoko's blog"
heres the video she made for today

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

rachels black book............

rachel & rodger at the 2008 webby awards - photo credit - the unknown photographer

rachel zoe just did a really awesome interview for black book mag,in it you read on such things as how it is possible to wear head to toe chanel,on what is code pink and how all the haters are not gunna get to her....... i think rachel,rodger & team zoe are brilliant,rachel & rodger are also the coolest couple on tv right now,so go check out the interview here "rachels black book" did anyone lese love last nights episode of the "rachel zoe project"

Monday, September 08, 2008

nyc fashion week blogging

kelly cutrone is video blogging nyc fashion week,so go check out her awesomeness below,

Thursday, September 04, 2008

amazing grace........

sarah & her family - photo credit - the unknown photograher

yesterday i was amazed at sarah pailns awesome speech,im feeling patriotic more then usual,so i found one of my favorite songs "amazing grace" to share on here,the song is well known to most amreicans ,the guy singing the song is "marty sampson",he's a awesome music writer,composer and person,hes from australia but i swear he sings the song like he's an american,check out the video,the first part is instrumental music,if you want to get to the singing forward to 5.43,the way he sings it will have you singing along with him,and even if you dont like sarah you will like the song..............

muisc from hillsong confrence 07

Sunday, August 31, 2008

my birthday present to pat

liam & pat hanging out somewhere in manhattan - photo credit - unknown photographer

today is my favorite modern day icons "patrick mcmullans" birthday,so i thought i would say "happy 48th birthday pat!!!!" and share with everyone this brilliant interview of pat back in 07 here "interview",so go read that and well your at it go buy a piece of pmc historey here "HISTOREY"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

selfportrait of candice - photo credit- the daily-online

i was reading the other day on the daily-news online the "50 most powerful people in fashion" and found "patrick" web-imaging director candice mccarthy,they listed her cause each season, in just eight days, she sorts 75,000 photos,and look at her hair,dont you love it,its awesome!........

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jesse story part 2

i went to see the movie jesses story last thursday,i got there early to get a good seat,good thing i did cause it got sold out,the theater was packed,marc and jesse introduced the film. i was blown away with how jesse over came everything,for those of you who dont know jesse was in a surfing accident,he became paralyzed,but he still does things like you and me,he drives,surfs,sky the movie you get to see ben harper,jack johnson, kelly slater all talk about how awesome and inspiring jesse is.......jesse also talks with chrstopher reeves about his charity that he founded "life rolls on" .....when you hear this movie coming to your town or city i totally recommend you go see it,heres some photos i took at the theater...........

sold out theater - photo credit - christopher chavez

random slids before the film started - photo credit - chrtistopher chavez

duane - photo credit - christopher chavez

jesse talking with friends & family after the film - photo credit - christopher chavez

mark,jesse and me hanging out - photo credit - christopher chavez


if you happen to be around the lower eastside on the 21st,theres a really awesome flim showing there for free ,its called "home",heres the info "FREE SCREENING OF 'HOME'NEW YORK FILMwith LIAM NEESON,MIKE MYERS, SUSAN SARANDON,FRANK MC COURT,WOODY ALLEN,ROSIE PEREZ,AUGUST 21st 6.30pmLOWER EAST SIDE TENEMENT MUSEUMQ and A with DIRECTOR DAWN SCIBILIA AND AUTHOR PETE HAMILL,YOU MUST RSVP:212 431 0233EMAIL :,now check out the trailer

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

congrats kristain!!

congats to kristian laliberte & Kiko Sih on there engagement!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

lydia for bebe

this photo is just one of many reasons why lydia hearst totally rocks my world,its her model card for elite,the photos are from her ad campain for "Myla" lingerie

if sometime in the last few weeks you saw "lydia hearst" doing the following,
1. crashing her car
2. looking like she has lost her mind
3. running thru the streets of los angeles for no reason
4. kissing aubrey o'day no reason at all
5. going out with a some guy who's a well known paparazzi,
she was only doing it for a film for the fashion line bebe ,so dont worry! shes still sane & cute,the film is a take on kiss me deadly with a modern take on today's celebrity,its being directed by tara subkoff,so keep your eyes open for it this fall,for more see photos below

lydia & aubrey o'day pretending to kiss for the bebe film in front of the paps - photo credit - the unknown photographer

lydia as you can see looks totally out of it,and again she's just pretending for the bebe film - photo credit - the unknown photographer

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

jesses story update .......

diddy & mark at the final shooting day of "i want to work for diddy" - photo credit - the unknown photo photographer

"mark jacobs" the emmy award-winning american film and television director, writer, producer and cinematographer and awesome surfer has just finished "Jesse's Story",to see the trailer go here "life rolls on",the surfer "jessie billauer" sufferd a bad injury and is no longer able to walk or surf,so this movie documents how he still surfs and lives life,its gunna be a epic movie for sure,making this movie has been marks passion,mark,jesse and the whole filming crew have really put there heart and soul into making this movie. mark has also sent out a message for everyone via the jesses story myspace

"With just credits and a few minor additions and changes the film is completed! Finally after 7 long years the film is finished. Of course it will "never" be finished in my mind. Most directors are that way about their work. The final stages are to convert it to HD 1080 then Laser Pacific in Hollywood will be color timing it for output to play in theaters. After that, the hope is that it goes straight to the festivals!!! My agent at UTA will be receiving their copy today for the theatrical department to begin the arduous task of paperwork/legal in order to put it out to the masses. Stay tuned, clips will be going up on this site.Jesse and his family watched it on Saturday and loved it! Thanks to all those patient enough to still be waiting.The wait is almost over!!!Best as always,Mark"

mark has also just finished filming the new tv series "i want to work for diddy",the series premieres August 4th at 9pm on VH1 ......................

the polaroid king.........

jeremy & lydia hearst hanging out back stage at the vienna ball - photo credit - the unknown photographer

"jeremy kost" got interviewd for the ny-mag online,jeremys taken polaroids of of everyone who is anyone world wide,go here for the interview "the polaroid king"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

kellys revolution.............

kellys real life license,seriously - photo credit - kelly curtrone

the very awesome kelly cutrone did a interview for the observer a few days ago,she talks about love,life,her epic pr company "peoples revolution",kellys done other interviews before but this one is the best everrrrrrr,its so raw and real,i love it!!!!!so check it out!!!!! "kellys revolution"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

did you know?

did you know corey haim dated victoria beckham? cause i didnt know,check out the video......
"corey loves vicky"

lilys much a ado about blogging

heres the very cute lily allen eating the best burger in southren california - photo credit - lilys family

singer song writer lily allen is hanging out in la for few weeks doing some song writing and recording,she's keeping a blog of the whole trip here ,so check it out here "lilys blog" ,and dont you just love here pink hair,its so cute!,so is anyone else reading this going to go to "in-n-out" tonight for dinner? cause i know i am!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

coldplay updates

this is the new coldplay ipode commercial,its been playing the past few days on diffrent channels,its soooooooo awesome, i wish it was longer,and on a side note i was told that they will be adding a los angeles date to the tour really really soon........

the face hunter.............

yvan at the art basel miami beach, Dec 07 - photo credit - the unknown photographer

Yvan Rodic who is well known for his blog "facehunter" now has a video series on myspace called "the facehunter show",the first episode takes place during fashion week in mexico,check it out!

The Facehunter Show Mexico City - Episode 1, Part 1 of 2
Check out this video: The Facehunter Show Mexico City - Episode 1, Part 1 of 2

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the rising.........

steven getting his game on - photo credit - the unknown photographer

Steven Spielberg has a new project,no its not a movie,its gunna be a social networking website for people who love ghost & ufo's,if you are a nerd like me then you will probably like it,to read about it go here "the rising"

kristens got the scoop........

kristen at the 2008 sag awards - photo credit - the unknown photographer

one of my fav entertainment reporters Kristen reeve went to the "Shakespeare Festival LA" recently, she couldn't take any photos but she did do a video to talk about it and to talk about the next Da Vinci Code movie called "angels & demons" that's being made in rome,heres the vid

Shakespeare Festival LA

stuff about me............

i got one of my photos published on a "",its a photo i took at the los angeles car show back in 06,its the new mustang on the right side when you click on the link...............

Friday, May 23, 2008

movie & a makeover........

brian at home in atlanta, GA - photo credit - the unknown photographer

tomorrow on "movie and a makeover" is the film Elizabethtown,"brian patrick flynn" will be making over a 60's and 70's inspired activity room with hanging acrylic bubble chairs, cork floors, enormous robots red-orange walls and metallic 70's wallpaper niches. ,and did you know brian is also the Home and Garden Producer for TBS so aside from being on the show, he is at the network full time in an office actually creating every episode and seeing it through post production regardless of if he is the on-air designer or not.and be sure to look out and look out for the launch of the all new decorating cents on HGTV this summer ,and some othe huge TBS makeovers such has a restaurant for Titanic, brians rooftop living room with Jungle to Jungle and a garage overhaul with Jersey Girl. heres a few photos of brians epic work on the activity room ...............