Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ivanka trump for stuff magazine

photo credit: the unknown photographer

ivanka trump did stuff magazine for the month of august, its better then the last time she did it, i like the fact she does it tastefully, and i like how she says she like dorks in here "interview",thats so hot,the photos of her at the stuff magazine preview Of September fall fashion issue are fab and so is her outfit, check it out........

photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: robert maxwell

photo credit: robert maxwell

photo credit: robert maxwell

Monday, August 20, 2007


george,paul,john,ringo - photo credit: Ethan Russell

i am now going to be doing some posts called "musical-interlude",so if your at work and reading this you can relax and hear whatever tunes i have playing, i got the idea from reading kelly wills "blondrules" blog,on there she always has some fab music playing so i thought i should have a go at it too.every post like this will have lots of photos if possible,and i will try and do a post like this every 2 weeks.what you hear playing now is the beatles,"the long and winding road", the song reminds me of chilly california fall day, i love that about it.all songs that will be playing will be from my own personal library,and when the next post comes the song will be gone,so injoy well you can...................

paul & linda,john & yoko - photo credit: Ethan Russell

john,george,paul,ringo - photo credit: Ethan Russell

george,john,ringo,paul - photo credit: Ethan Russell

john,yoko,george - photo credit: Ethan Russell

george,paul,john,ringo and pauls sheepdog martha - photo credit: Ethan Russell

Monday, August 13, 2007

farewell to Brooke Astor........

brooke astor & Henry Astor,her beloved dachshund photo credit: the unknown photographer

today as you all know brooke astor passed away,so i felt i should give her a farewell posting,with some of my fav photos i found of her,and if you didnt already read the awesome farewell posting the ny times gave her then go here "ny times for brooke" ,and aol did a fab job on giving her a fairwell posting too, check it out "aol news for brooke" , and if you look at the aol photos on there youll see the coolest quot they said she would often say,"money is like manure, it should be spread around," , i love that! its so true ,she was such a epic women,she seems like someone who you could sit down with and talk about anything,what a good heart she had..............

photo credit: the unknown photographer

ronald reagan & brooke astor - photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

brooke astor self portrait - painting credit: the unknown painter

Thursday, August 02, 2007

the hourglass

dave gahan is working on his solo album "hourglass" right now in new york so keep a look out for him,heres a video of whats going on straight from dave,it was filmed last week,