Sunday, August 31, 2008

my birthday present to pat

liam & pat hanging out somewhere in manhattan - photo credit - unknown photographer

today is my favorite modern day icons "patrick mcmullans" birthday,so i thought i would say "happy 48th birthday pat!!!!" and share with everyone this brilliant interview of pat back in 07 here "interview",so go read that and well your at it go buy a piece of pmc historey here "HISTOREY"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

selfportrait of candice - photo credit- the daily-online

i was reading the other day on the daily-news online the "50 most powerful people in fashion" and found "patrick" web-imaging director candice mccarthy,they listed her cause each season, in just eight days, she sorts 75,000 photos,and look at her hair,dont you love it,its awesome!........

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jesse story part 2

i went to see the movie jesses story last thursday,i got there early to get a good seat,good thing i did cause it got sold out,the theater was packed,marc and jesse introduced the film. i was blown away with how jesse over came everything,for those of you who dont know jesse was in a surfing accident,he became paralyzed,but he still does things like you and me,he drives,surfs,sky the movie you get to see ben harper,jack johnson, kelly slater all talk about how awesome and inspiring jesse is.......jesse also talks with chrstopher reeves about his charity that he founded "life rolls on" .....when you hear this movie coming to your town or city i totally recommend you go see it,heres some photos i took at the theater...........

sold out theater - photo credit - christopher chavez

random slids before the film started - photo credit - chrtistopher chavez

duane - photo credit - christopher chavez

jesse talking with friends & family after the film - photo credit - christopher chavez

mark,jesse and me hanging out - photo credit - christopher chavez


if you happen to be around the lower eastside on the 21st,theres a really awesome flim showing there for free ,its called "home",heres the info "FREE SCREENING OF 'HOME'NEW YORK FILMwith LIAM NEESON,MIKE MYERS, SUSAN SARANDON,FRANK MC COURT,WOODY ALLEN,ROSIE PEREZ,AUGUST 21st 6.30pmLOWER EAST SIDE TENEMENT MUSEUMQ and A with DIRECTOR DAWN SCIBILIA AND AUTHOR PETE HAMILL,YOU MUST RSVP:212 431 0233EMAIL :,now check out the trailer

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

congrats kristain!!

congats to kristian laliberte & Kiko Sih on there engagement!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

lydia for bebe

this photo is just one of many reasons why lydia hearst totally rocks my world,its her model card for elite,the photos are from her ad campain for "Myla" lingerie

if sometime in the last few weeks you saw "lydia hearst" doing the following,
1. crashing her car
2. looking like she has lost her mind
3. running thru the streets of los angeles for no reason
4. kissing aubrey o'day no reason at all
5. going out with a some guy who's a well known paparazzi,
she was only doing it for a film for the fashion line bebe ,so dont worry! shes still sane & cute,the film is a take on kiss me deadly with a modern take on today's celebrity,its being directed by tara subkoff,so keep your eyes open for it this fall,for more see photos below

lydia & aubrey o'day pretending to kiss for the bebe film in front of the paps - photo credit - the unknown photographer

lydia as you can see looks totally out of it,and again she's just pretending for the bebe film - photo credit - the unknown photographer