Sunday, June 24, 2007

coldplay updates..........

coldplay has just announced that they are almost done with there new cd,and it should be out really really really soon"yay"chris and the rest of the band are such epic song writers, i know this new cd is gunna rock,everytime they release a new one i always play it countless times,there also awesome to sing along to,and they also have revamped there website "",their hand-written accounts will accompany each of the entries on the constantly-expanding timeline, it looks better then before and has all kinds of nifty things to see on it like videos,photos,audio and behind the scenes stuff, its totally worth your time looking at if your fan or into web design, and heres some of my fav photos from the site ,click on them to see larger verson

Friday, June 22, 2007

just between friends.........

did you know that there is a rivalry brewing between 2 of the best and brightest stars of manhatten,they are gregory littley & kristian is said that the whole thing started when gregory implied cocaine use at Krisitian's charity function, now i believe he was forgiven as gregory was invited as a special guest to his surprise birthday party but this time my source tells me kristian mite be getting jealous of gregory and actress leven ramblin's close friendship, during kristians surprise birthday party she said that "leven and greg were together most of the night looking very cozy,". so now the battle between them is on, so lets look at what both of them have in there arsenal of powerful friends,after all its the friends that get sucked into mess right?

photo of - kristian in all his glory

lets start with kristian,
his philosophy on career is - good clothes open all doors.
kristians company - UNRULY HEIR.
one of many socialites that adore him - Olivia Palermo .
one of many actresses that long for him - leven rambin .
one of many photographers that stalk him - Ben Fink Shapiro .
one of many writers that cant live without him - Krystal Simpson .
and lets not forget his political connections - former mayor Rudy Giuliani .

photo of - gregory on the go

now for gregory
his philosophy on career is - talent runs deep and that is my calling Card. I don't need page six hits.
his company - .
one of many socialites that adore him - Tinsley Mortimer .
one of many actresses that love him - linsey lohan .
one of many photographers that stalk him - chance ye .
one writer that dreams about him -the very lovely Faran Krentcil*sigh*<3

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

this is going to be a nerd post!, beware! its star wars related!

this past sunday was "adult swim" had a special Star Wars addition of robot chicken, if you do not know what that is then go here "mr chicken" . seth green is the master mind behind it and he had help from noah whiley too,every episode was so funny ,i couldnt stop laughing,i picked my 2 favs for you to see and even if you dont like star wars watch it, i promise you will laugh,

titled - boba fett wins

titled - jar jar returns

and if you want to see the whole half hour episode then you have to go here "robot chicken wars"

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

brooke fraser lands in hollywood.......

yesterday i went to see one of the hottest singers in new zealand and australia,her names "brooke fraser" ,she's already toured with john mayer and david as i was on my way to see her with my friend sam i was wandering how good she would be in person,the place she was singing at is called "the hotel cafe" ,its a really small venue,it holds about 140 people,i wanted to get there early to get a good seat but we got lost in compton, i for some reason tend to get lost there when trying to get to hollywood,its always someones bright idea to take a short cut,but anyways we went inside and talked to a few people,brooke came on and whole place lite up,she sounded so awesome, i tried taking some photos but it was so dark in there and we could not use flash,and if you would liek to download a free song from brooke called albertine,its my fav song off her new cd, then go here "free brooke tunes", her music is so chill youll love it..........

this is sam my friend who got us lost in compton and la - photo credit: christopher chavez

sunset in hollywood - photo credit: christopher chavez

capitle records - photo credit: christopher chavez

me being a nerd and brooke being lovely - photo credit: sam

brooke fraser - photo credit: christopher chavez

brooke fraser -photo credit: christopher chavez

mach 1 mustange photo credit: christopher chavez

me chowing down on a fat double double after the show - photo credit: sam

Monday, June 04, 2007

free paris!!!

photo credit: Fred Prouser, Reuters

im sad to say paris is in jail now,she's at the womens prison in la,most people i have talked to about this ether dont care about what happends to her or they think she deserves it,so i have found myself defending her thru out my weekend,and tmz's. harvey levin even said "she got the shaft,the judge did that on purpose cause she's a star,she dosent deserve it" but as i have just found out she will be in her own cell,so thats alot better then what i thought was gunna happen to her,to read more go here - Edit - she got out but now she's back in :o( and even Danny Bonaduce said "i dont like her at all but she is getting such a raw deal,there giving her a harder sentience then what i would have even gotten, i think they should just let her go", - Edit again -paris says she wants to finish the remainder her time in jail and thats all im gunna say about it,im happy for her nomatter what,to read more go here "free paris"

Friday, June 01, 2007

I am the walrus.............

photo credit: the unknown photographer

well i have not blogged in some time so i had a bunch of stuff i was going to write about but something changed all that,and its fitting that i am now blogging about john seeing as my last blog was about yoko. so today i was reading one of the most fascinating articles about one of my favorite singer/songwriters,im sure you all know who Mr. lennon is,well as i was reading the article i found it just blew my mind, cause i have seen so many articles on him and there's a lot good stuff out there but there's also a lot of rubbish, i was left with a strange sense of solace after reading it, i don't know how better to say that, i always wondered why john was the he was in his latter years, everything i ever red about him led me to believe he was looking for something but he would throw himself into his music or his family, but all this i found only by reading lots and lots of books and hearing and seeing lots and lots interviews. im sure if i would talk to yoko or sean or Julian they would tell me something way different cause they were there for the whole thing. and im sorry if i have a lot of photos up of him, i originally wanted just 3 but i couldn't help my self, i had to put them all up, there all my favs,well heres the link to the article "I am the walrus"

Yoko, Sean & John (1977),photo credit: the unknown photographer

john, julain & yoko, photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

paul,john & george photo credit: the unknown photographer

miles,john & yoko photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: the unknown photographer

photo credit: Bob Gruen

photo credit: Bob Gruen