Friday, April 27, 2007

R.I.P Socialite Rank - april 28th 2006 to april 26th 2007

photo credit: the unknown photographer

well i just found out not to long ago that socialite rank is packing up and moving on over to other things, right now im so shocked and sad,the site was such fun when it first started,i really loved it, i always got to see who was wearing what,all the girls always looked cute,i got to read about all the latest charitie events, there was plenty of funny articles and serious stuff too. then all of a sudden the site started slamming people really hard and then the comments just went from bad to horrible, i think the one story that the folks at SR should have done was " SR has completely lost there mind and they love it!",ha ha , now that would have been a great story ha ha,well if you would like to read there final post then go to "SR" and check it out,and now im off to go say my final good bye's to SR *tear*........... Edit-"SR has now deleted there webpage"

photo credit: the unknown photographer

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

creativity comes in spurts.........

dave george - photo credit: the unknown photographer

here is a artist named dave george, i heard some of his music a year ago and became obsessed ever since then, so i tried looking for him on myspace but i couldn't find him, well i found out i had spelled his name wrong when searching on myspace for him, i have found him as of today right here "dave george rocks" , im so happy to hear the new songs he has, the best one is bridges , as i heard it i found it invaded my heart with out permission and had me doing alot of thinking about lots of things, i feel like writing some songs!, i like it when that happens with music,you know, and just to let everyone know i have a face book account,"yay for me"......

Saturday, April 21, 2007

the three must see's!!!

heres three videos that i think you should see,all are personal interviews,

1.the first is personal interview is with mr ben gibbard ,it was done in 2003 during there transatlanticism tour for a show called "cooking with stars"and thats where the video is also.i wanted to post this video of ben so you all could get an idea of what goes on in his head and you can hear for yourself what he likes to cook.......

photo credit: the unknown photographer

2.this secound video is about the lovely and very fabulous "diane pernet",it details about how she got into fashion and gives such a wondeful insight into who she is, her blog "a shaded view of fashion" is amazing and filled with all things that are about fashion, art and design,the video can be found here at "flash"

photo credit: the unknown photographer

3. the third is video is on john vanderslice , he's a very well known and respected indie song writer and performer,as of right now john has just finished a world tour and is now back in the u.s.a where he is now coming to a city near you. and as you see the video you will find john to be a very down to earth guy with a big heart,you can find the video here "the merlin show"

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Monday, April 09, 2007

the big idea

just a few minutes ago i was able to watch the first ever interview of "ron perelman" by "donny deutsch" on his show the "big idea" ,i found it to be insightful and honest and as they began to show all the big buys he made thru the years you can see how he took advantage of the rescission.if you want to see it for yourself then watch the show the next time it airs,its that good.........

ron perelman
photo credit: the unknown photographer


heres some of my favorite linsey photos from this months GQ and word on the street is that the ever so lovely lindsey will be in nyc this week on the 12th to host the opening of a "fashion club",if you would like to read more about it then click here "fashion club" ,

this last photo is my favorite of them all <3

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the end of the agency

today is the last episode of the agency, im so sad, i will miss it so very much, my favorites of the cast are,
1. pink- he's the coolest member of the cast and has a good heart.
2. anita- the hottest girl in the cast and i love her style.
3.becky- the women you love hate, i don't personally hate her, i just think her to be a bit ruthless but i so don't hate her and i think she's hot and i love how her voice sounds.
well im sorry that im posting this late, im a lazy blogger but the last episode airs at 10pm tonight, if you miss it try going here "vh1" to watch it online.................