Friday, September 28, 2007


ever since i saw the ipod commercial with this feist song i have been hooked, i wanna hear it all the time!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

perez hilton strikes back!

my fav perez photo ever - photo credit : Robyn Beck, AFP /Getty Images

perez hiltons lawyer just filed a affidavit last wensday , so i know this news is old but i had to post about it , its good to see him stand up for himself,he's been sued a few times before so im sure he's used to it,if you want to see where i got this photo and read the article then go here "perez strikes back"

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

must read nyc fashion week blogs.............

fashion week is here again and i thought i would share my fav blogs that im reading to catch up on the latest fashion week happenings,

cecilia dean,karl & jd - photo credit: the unknown photographer

1. jd ferguson of vmagazine fame has a blog going on over at "v-mag online" from sept 5th to the 12th ,he always has my fav girls like stam,coco and lily in it.......

douglas & models - photo credit: the unknown photographer

2. douglas perrett is one of the number one casting directors in nyc,his fashion blog "coacd" is always fresh on news right from the tents of fashion week.........

agyness deyn & faran - photo credit: the unknown photographer

3. faran krentcil who i consider to be one of the smartest fashion writers of are time is updating her blog with news as it happens on

the lovely anina <3 photo credit - the unknown photographer

anina of 360fashion fame is walking the runways now in nyc,she also has pbs cameras following her around for a documentary about her and her fashion blog "360 fashion", she is also one of my fav models, i hope jd or sonny snap a few photos of her if they see her.............

sonny - photo credit - the unknown photographer

5. sonny is another fabulous fashion photog from australia ,he is in nyc right now hitting up all the shows and getting lots of awesome photos of them as they happen for his fashion blog.......