Wednesday, February 27, 2008

paper mag + linds + jeremy = epic.........

linds is back with the help of jeremy scotts epic photography as seen in photo below for the march issue of "paper mag"

the golden muse - photo credit - jeremy scott

glamour is our middle name - photo credit - J. Everette Perry

Saturday, February 16, 2008

this movie gets my seal of approval...........

i know i havent blogged in awhile but ive been busy,then i got sick,then i lost my internet,theres so much i wanted to blog but its to late now,so here i have for you a movie trailer by the one and only "george romero",he's got a new movie called "diary of the dead",it just got released across the state,its showing now in new york city at the Regal New Roc City 18(914) 235-5106Visit Regal New Roc City 18AMC Empire 25(212) 398-3939Visit AMC Empire 25City Cinemas Village East(212) 529-6998Visit City Cinemas Village East and in los angeles at the landmark Nuart(310) 281-8223Visit Landmark Nuart then on the 22 of this month there going to open up more showing in more theaters ,
its gunna be crazy scary so go check it out,heres the trailer

Diary of the Dead - Exclusive Trailer

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