Friday, November 16, 2007

real life RATATOUILLE.........

big $$$ eats-the 25,000 dollar dessert

yesterday on the upper east side in ny Serendipity-3 was closed down do to the inspector finding mouse droppings and roaches in the kichen,this kinda stuff happens all the time but what makes this one closing different is Serendipity-3 serves a 25,000 dollar dessert, how could they spend so much to buy high end food to serve and not spend the money to keep the place clean and clear of the "ratatouille" ,to read the horror of what the inspector found go here to "eater ny" or to the story aol news did on it here "aol eats"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

did you know?

the cisco & lydia - photo credit -the unknown photographer

model and writer lydia hearst was in vegas this past weekend hanging with the cisco says "page six",i wonder if lydia went to see maroon 5 well she was out there, i love that band........

walla taking his own self portrit-photo credit- christopher walla

walla was featured online in"",they basically tell you what i said when i posted about him a few weeks ago but they do it better and get paid for it........

prince on stage-photo credit-the unknown photographer

prince is being a big wanker cause he is "suing his own fans",who does that!seriously.........

Monday, November 12, 2007

Good eats LA.....

miichelin man goes to paris-artist credit-the unknown painter

anyone who knows me knows im the biggest foodie,so the other day as i was reading one of my fav food sites "eater la" i found out that the "michelin guide" is out,anyone who loves to eat should check it out, "eater la" also has lastest on how the writers strike is affecting restaurants in the area and they have the latest on the opening of the restaurant LAX,"eater la" is apart of the "curbed" family.......

free spice girls concert!

old school & new school spice girls-photo credit-Getty Images/Reuters

would you like to see the spice girls in a live intimate setting FREE? ,if yes then go here"spice it up",offer ends this Fri November 16 ,there doing some songs and getting interviewed,if you do go make sure to get there super early cause the lot fills up quik, i would be going but i have to work :o(

Friday, November 02, 2007

birthday news at the hall of justice.........

walla having a cup of java on a chill day-photo credit-the unknown photographer

its christopher wallas birthday today,christopher is 32,as of right now he is still in the studio working on the next death cab for cutie album, i wander if he took a break from there to celebrate his big day?, if you would like to read more on him and find out what epic things he's up to and hear about his solo album coming out in march or sooner "i hope" then go here "the hall of justice" ,and now heres some photos of the walla in his naturel habitat.............
ps. walla when you read this remember that your one of my heros and i hope to one day write and play tunes like you homie................

walla & ben having a moment in-between recording the plans album- photo credit-the unknown photographer

walla having a nap before the death cab show at the greek theater in la in 06-photo credit-the unknown photographer

walla showing a photo of his homies-photo credit-the unknown photographer

sound check at the greek in la in 06-photo credit-the unknown photographer

walla & nick working during the recording of plans-photo credit-the unknown photographer

blurry walla and the boys -photo credit-the unknown photographer