Tuesday, November 24, 2009

one last vid of adam.................

i was looking at one of my fav sites "pedestrian tv" today and i came across a really awesome interview that adam did back in 2008,it really shows how down to earth he is and he talks meeting steve wonder to doing a tribut mix for run d.m.c ,its totally worth watching,check it out!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Adam Michael Goldstein (DJ AM)

well i thought i would do a goodbye post for adam ,so i got together some of his photos,there some really funny ones in there of him from back in the day till now,some where used in his memoriel video too,the video is at the bottom of the post.....i didnt get to go to the memorial at the Paladium but i did get to go say goodbye to him at hillside this past sunday,he's buried in the garden of rebecca ........ i looked up to adam ,i looked up to him because he was sober & proud of it,not to many people are,i myself am blessed enough to be alive still to type this post cause there was time when i wasnt sober, i almost didnt make it,now i have been sober for some years,sometimes i could be at a party or a concert or just hanging out and people will be partying,so when im tempted by it i always pray and i always think of my god & people like adam who would choose to stay sober no matter what,that helps me alot.......so if your using drugs JUST STOP IT!!!!!!! YOU DONT NEED THAT CRAP!! YOUR HURTING YOURSELF AND THE PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU!!!,and i dont know if you pray but i know adam did!,so i hope you stop and pray then get yourself some help if you need it ............and if you need a church heres 2 i know that rock,
one is "the dream center of los angeles",there also in new york too and the other is my church "newport church" come as you are whether you be jewish,mormen,cathlic,jedi,sith,straight,gay,black,purple,green or whatever, just come down.........

adam & sis lara

adam with fam & friends

og baby muggsy

og baby muggsy

lara showing adam shes taller

adam being a pimp back in the day

adams 9th grade graduation from Emerson

adam with his best frined justin from back in the day on the far right at CAA Xmas Party in 1995

adam at 16

Wayfarers and cobrasnake shorts before it was "hip" adam at his 15th bday at Ed Debivick's

more 15th b-day awesomeness

adam at one of his first house parties

adam at his Mommas 50th

adam at Garden of eden in 1997

adams 1st biz card....

adam DJing at the Boiler Room 1995

adam DJing at Billboard Live in 1996

adam DJing at Diablo before he got arrested for playing F*ck The Police

taken in 1998

DJing at the Firehouse - Tuesdays in 1997

Banana Split!!!!!!!!!!

Poker at the Dimmak office..

Banana Split!!!!!!!!!!

adam sleeping & his momma andrea

adam & his sis lara

adam & his momma

muggsy + laptop = cat-top! ha ha!

adam about to thow the first pitch at a New York Mets game at Citi Field, the team's new home, on Aug. 23

"Bro... I gotta piss bro... I can't hold it bro... gimmie a bottle holmes, f*ck this sh!t

adam with the macklovitch brothers


adam with jay-z

muggsy hearing the lastest jams

adam at dim-mak tuesdays - photo credit - kid paparazzi