Tuesday, June 12, 2007

brooke fraser lands in hollywood.......

yesterday i went to see one of the hottest singers in new zealand and australia,her names "brooke fraser" ,she's already toured with john mayer and david bowie.so as i was on my way to see her with my friend sam i was wandering how good she would be in person,the place she was singing at is called "the hotel cafe" ,its a really small venue,it holds about 140 people,i wanted to get there early to get a good seat but we got lost in compton, i for some reason tend to get lost there when trying to get to hollywood,its always someones bright idea to take a short cut,but anyways we went inside and talked to a few people,brooke came on and whole place lite up,she sounded so awesome, i tried taking some photos but it was so dark in there and we could not use flash,and if you would liek to download a free song from brooke called albertine,its my fav song off her new cd, then go here "free brooke tunes", her music is so chill youll love it..........

this is sam my friend who got us lost in compton and la - photo credit: christopher chavez

sunset in hollywood - photo credit: christopher chavez

capitle records - photo credit: christopher chavez

me being a nerd and brooke being lovely - photo credit: sam

brooke fraser - photo credit: christopher chavez

brooke fraser -photo credit: christopher chavez

mach 1 mustange photo credit: christopher chavez

me chowing down on a fat double double after the show - photo credit: sam