Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the paper staff - photo credit - mtv

amanda & entertainment editor cassia laham- photo credit - the unknown photographer

amanda as rizo with one of the t-birds - photo credit - unknown photographer

amanda as rizo - photo credit -the unknown photographer

amanda lorber from "mtvs the paper" recently played rizo at Cypress Bay High and her paper "the circuit" just got first place best overall newspaper, first place feature writer, and an honorable mention for editorial writing at the sun-sentinel awards,amanda is my fav of the cast,she has awesome style and true talent,she's gunna do awesome things when she goes to college in nyc in the fall. the paper reminds me of how the show laguna beach was,it was real show,now if you want fake then watch the hills cause that is 100percent fake,the hills is like wrestling expect everyone on the hills dresses better and they don't body slam each other but that would be nice if they did ha ha,to see the cypress bay high school online paper fro mthe school go here "cypress bay high"