Saturday, January 12, 2008

the return of ringo.........

ringo rocks! - photo credit - the unknown photographer

this past friday morning ringo was playing his new song "liverpool 8" in front of a crowd in liverpool,they aired it here on channel 2 ,that surprised me cause channel 2 doesnt really do stuff that awesome,ringo was just like he always is which is very funny & cool,as i heard him sing his new song i got a bit sad, i feel like he's saying goodbye or something,and did you know ringo has been known to say some really epic things in his day,like
"i think you're both nuts," he said to john and yoko, when for there own reasons, they took to performing on stage wearing black bags as paul,george and ringo tried not to wigout about the whole thing.
'it was just like butlins,' ringo said when descending from the transcendental himalayan ashram of the beatles guru, the maharishi mahesh yogi.
and 'it's been a hard day's night,' ringo said after slaving away all day on the drums, a phrase which with the help of a beatles hit song, has become part of the english lexicon"......
when asked, he still played with all three former bandmates on their solo albums.and a couple of years ago he published a book of postcards from John, Paul and George, "Postcards From The Boys", which they'd sent to him from around the world in the Sixties and which he'd kept.
i think ringo was brilliant then and is still brilliant now, i also think the maharishi mahesh yogi was a wanker then and is still a wanker now,for more on ringos concert go here "ringo

the happy couple - ringo & barbra - photo credit - lester cohen

you want me to do what? ringo said to peter sellers - photo credit - peter sellers

ringo back in the day - photo credit - the unknown photographer

playing the drums in london - photo credit - the known photographer

paul , yoko, olivia harrison and ringo pose during a commemorative plaque dedication ceremony for john and george as part of the first anniversary celebration of “the beatles love by cirque du soleil” show at the mirage hotel & casino.-photo credit - ethan miller